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Google Ads Management
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Google Advertisements, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a Google advertising tool that allows users to market their companies using ads on Google’s search results and network. Advertisers pay per click or impression on an ad with this pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system.

☑️  Google search ads- Text advertising that appear on Google search engine results pages are known as Google search ads (SERPs). Your search advertisements might show up at the top of the page, above the organic search results, or at the bottom.

☑️  Google Display ads- While search advertising are text-based and enable you to target certain keywords, Google display ads are image-based and allow you to target individuals who may be interested in your items but aren’t actively seeking for them.

☑️  Google Video ads- You may target your potential customers on YouTube based on what they are seeing because YouTube is owned by Google and functions similarly to a search engine–only for videos. With over 2 billion users throughout the world, you have a sizable audience to target! Your video ad campaigns appear in the search results before, during, and after YouTube videos.

☑️  Shopping ads- Google Shopping Ads are advertisements that are based on products. They’re only seen when you search for products on Google. Shopping advertisements, unlike ordinary search advertising, include an image of a product as well as the product title, price, shop name, and reviews. In essence, they give crucial product information to customers before they even visit an online site.


Our Google Ads (PPC) Strategy;

☑️  Keyword Research-

☑️  Negative Keyword Management-

☑️  Quality Landing Page-

☑️  Suitable  Ad Copy-


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    Structured & Systematic Process

    ⦿  Analyzing the website: Your website serves as an another destination for users who want to learn more about your company and its services. A website study is critical to fully understanding how search advertising works. Our technical professionals conduct a website audit to identify your model’s objectives.

    ⦿  Analyze the competition: We cannot stress enough how critical it is for an online company to keep records of its competitors’ activities in order to stay one step ahead of them. Using our dedicated technologies that provide us with unique insights, we undertake extensive research on your competitor’s product offerings and strategies, making our pay per click techniques 2X successful.

    ⦿  Create a PPC account: This is the most critical part of any PPC campaign. We set up a professional PPC account for your company that includes both search and display campaigns.

    ⦿  Create appropriate ad content: We conduct a thorough keyword analysis that includes every potential keyword variant that is closely related to your business. then We create unique ads based on the keywords.

    ⦿  Optimize, re-optimize, and re-optimize: Our experts will now continue to optimize your account in order to achieve the desired results. We concentrate on your company’s requirements to ensure that we meet, if not surpass, all of the objectives. We can also resell your products to your existing consumers using PPC ads, which will help you gain customer satisfaction.